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NIoTEK Industry 4.0 Solutions

Provides incredible results in innovation and profitability, enabling implementation of Smart Factories, Smart Products and Smart Services.

Smart Machines

Machines manufacturers

Support the engineering process

Monitor equipment utilisation

Build digital solutions and applications

Saving costs by Predictive maintenance

Enhance new products with live collected info

Smart Factory


Production Status

Downtime Analysis

Scrap Analysis

Increase your Plant Performance

Trusted OEE Metrics

Smart Products

End Customer

Operational efficiency

Asset tracking

Maintenance costs reduction

Process improvements

Optimized utilization

Smart Service

Service Providers and Partners

Spare parts management

Variable leasing and many others

Creation of new intangible assets associated to the value of the information

Equipment insurance

Warranty management

A Platform Built to Solve

Instantly combine process and product data. Get to the right answer faster, with AI and Machine Learning. Welcome to a new level of insight and action. Suitable for Discrete, Process, Order based and Mass Manufacturing.

NIoTEK Smart Factory

From why to solved in 15 minutes.

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