Make planning and execution Through Deep Insights

Founded in Egypt in 2018, by team have multiple knowledge in Software development, production process, and electronics.

We join hardware and Software and apply them in Internet of Things (IoT) to help companies make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations.

Enabling businesses work smarter, faster and more efficient

Increasing Profits

Deep Insights

Most expert peoples

Global support for all

We Have Global Network Of Clients

Having clients in different sectors and countries in the MEA region enabled us to make our products solid and stable for different use cases like cables, pipes, detergent, glass, and FMCG.

Our main product HORUS uses advanced analytics to help address critical challenges in quality and productivity throughout the enterprise. Empowered with Plant Digital Twin, HORUS enables real-time visibility and actionable insights for every machine, line, and plant throughout an enterprise.

We Have 75 cumulative Years Of Experience Of Tech

Our team have experience in multiple multinational and big regional manufacturers. With experience in Software development, production process, and electronics we provide latest technology products to cut cost and increase ROI and profits.

Our goal is to make the manufacturing process smart, easy and efficient


Stand With Palestine

Niotek strongly condemns recent actions by the Israel Army in the Israel-Palestine conflict, including attacks on Gaza and the targeting of civilians, especially women and children, causing immense human suffering and loss of life.