Niospin is a family of IoT gateways, controllers, and protocol converters designed by Niotek to provide seamless integration of industrial protocols and control of simple operations. These devices are ideal for customers who require efficient and effective control of their industrial processes and the ability to convert data from one protocol to another.

The Niospin family includes a range of devices that are designed to cater to different industrial needs. These devices can be classified into three main categories: IoT gateways, controllers, and protocol converters.

The IoT gateways are designed to enable communication between devices and the cloud. They are equipped with multiple communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity, allowing for easy integration into existing industrial systems. The gateways also come with advanced security features, ensuring that data is protected against unauthorized access.

The controllers are designed to provide real-time control of industrial processes. They are equipped with a variety of inputs and outputs, allowing for easy integration with existing systems. The controllers can be programmed using C++ programming languages making it easy for developers to create custom applications.

The protocol converters are designed to enable the conversion of data between different industrial protocols. They support a wide range of protocols, including Modbus, OPC, CAN, and BACnet, making it easy to integrate with different systems. The converters also come with advanced filtering and mapping capabilities, allowing for easy customization of data conversion.

All the devices in the Niospin family are designed to be compact and rugged, making them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. They also come with advanced diagnostic features, allowing for easy monitoring and maintenance.

Overall, the Niospin family of IoT gateways, controllers, and protocol converters from Niotek provides customers with a flexible and reliable solution for controlling simple operations and converting from one industrial protocol to another.

IIoT Data Gateway mBOX

The mBOX family is an advanced and powerful industrial-grade device that can provide a wide range of benefits to users.

With its built-in software, mBOX provides real-time data collection at a fast-sampling cycle of 100ms, making it an efficient and reliable data collection device. Its support for multiple protocols and devices ensures that it can be easily integrated into different industrial systems without any need for heavy engineering services. Additionally, its easy web configuration and plug-and-play functionality make it user-friendly and easy to install.

One of the key features of mBOX is its advanced data visualization capabilities. Users can view real-time data in graphical and tabular formats, set alarms for specific data points, and export data in Excel and CSV formats for further analysis. The device also has a full log with no limits, allowing users to store and analyze large amounts of data over extended periods.

Another advantage of mBOX is its mobile application, which allows users to access data anytime and anywhere. This feature provides users with greater flexibility and convenience in monitoring their industrial systems. This feature requires cloud access and subscription.

Finally, mBOX has full support for IoT platform integration, enabling users to connect and collect data from multiple systems and devices. This capability provides users with greater control and visibility over their industrial processes, allowing for more efficient and effective decision-making.

Overall, the mBOX is a powerful and versatile industrial-grade device that can help users optimize their industrial processes, increase efficiency, and reduce downtime. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal solution for businesses in a wide range of industries.