NIoTEK Plant Smart Sights platform provides valuable business insight in the Industrial Manufacturing.

Plant Smart Sights is the only platform in MENA region that instantly combine process and product data. Get to the right answer faster, with AI and Machine Learning; we designed our system to be suitable for Discrete, Process, Order based and Mass Manufacturing. It works in a way that increases visibility, productivity and quality in production environment of manufacturing company.

Machine Health

Production line anomalies from old machine systems can require long-term and costly maintenance. Plant Smart Sights enable predictive maintenance as a precautionary solution, eliminating the instantaneous cost of failure on old machine systems.

Reduce Downtime

Insight into the most frequent downtime reasons helps to focus on the downtime that hurts the business most. Reduce and eliminate the instantaneous cost of failure and reduce machine downtime up to 70%. Increase your machines availability and performance


Get real-time visibility into every machine, line, and plant throughout your enterprise.

Increase Efficiency

Save time and money in the production process and optimize maintenance schedules on older machines.

Real-time information across the Enterprise

With our secure, cloud-enabled solution, information can be accessed at any time to instantly make business

Monitor regulatory info

Maintain comprehensive and accurate information about your products, throughout the entire life-cycle.

Measure and improve OEE

Access to reliable OEE metrics, automatically generated from audited data sources.


Improve OEE, increase throughput, and optimize asset utilization.

Increase capacity utilization

Asset utilization and downtime statistics allows maximizing usage of the right assets at the right time.

Predict asset failure

Make use of historical data, trends, and manufacturing specific algorithms to proactively manage potential asset