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Makes planning and execution Through Deep Insights.


Who We Are

Who We Are

NIOTEK is a startup that joins hardware and Software and apply them in Internet of Things (IoT) to help companies make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations. NIOTEK’s analytics platform, purpose-built for discrete and process manufacturing, uses AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to help address critical challenges in quality and productivity throughout the enterprise.

The platform is powered a Plant Digital Twin, which enables real-time visibility and actionable insights for every machine, line, and plant throughout an enterprise.

Founded in Egypt in 2017, by team have multiple knowledge in Software development, production process, and electronics. our team is targeting to get 75% of IoT market share in Middle East region by 2022.



NIOTEK was founded and is led by a team of technologists, manufacturing experts, and entrepreneurs who, above all, are focused on providing practical solutions to the industry.